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  • 418 Market Street Facilty

Welcome to Corner House, Inc.

Corner House, Inc. is a non-profit alcohol and other drug evaluation, substance abuse prevention, treatment, and referral program. We offer Alcohol and other Drug Assessment/Evaluation, Level I Outpatient Treatment, Level II Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Adolescent Outpatient Treatment, and Employee Assistance Program services at the 418 Market St. location. The Adult Outpatient Program serves men and women aged 18 and up. The Adolescent program serves boys and girls 12 -18.

Vision Statement

Corner House, Inc. will be committed to the quality care of its clients by utilizing the latest techniques to assure high success rates, securing regional referrals, and upholding a positive role in the community. Corner House, Inc. will be financially responsible.

Mission Statement

The purpose of Corner House, Inc. is to assist individuals in developing an alcohol and drug free lifestyle.

418 Market Street Facilty
418 Market Street Facilty

Corner House, Inc. Funding Partners

Corner House Inc. is also supported in part by money provided from the following sources:

City of Emporia, Kansas                                                    BNSF Railway Foundation

Lyon County, Kansas

Chase County, Kansas

Walter S. & Evan C. Jones Testamentary Trust

Aloha Preston Family Trust

Hartford, Kansas High School

Corner House, Inc • 418 Market St • Emporia, KS 66801