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About Us

Treatment Model

Corner House has adopted the Matrix Model, which is a manualized treatment program. It is the only comprehensive treatment program noted by the National Institute of Drug Abuse as a scientifically based approach in Principles of Addiction Treatment: A Research Based Guide (1999). The Matrix Model is described as providing a framework for engaging drug abusers and addicts in treatment and helping them achieve abstinence. Clients learn about issues critical to addiction and relapse, receive direction and support from trained therapists, become familiar with self-help programs, and are monitored for drug use by urine testing. The program also includes education for family members affected by addiction.


This approach includes elements pertaining to the areas of relapse prevention, family and group therapies, education, and self-help participation. Clients are also introduced to 12-Step programs and social support groups. Peer modeling is an important part of the Matrix program, where successful client volunteers share their experiences. Another integral component is urinalysis drug screening, which provides structure and helps clients maintain abstinence.

Employee Assistance Group Services

Corner House, Inc. can assist businesses in implementing and maintaining a drug-free workplace program. These programs generally include five components, all of which Corner House, Inc. offers through its Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

  1. Drug-free workplace policy
  2. Supervisor training
  3. Employee education
  4. Employee assistance
  5. Drug testing, and
  6. Alcohol and other drug abuse/addiction counseling & community education

Corner House will assist in conducting assessments to determine which program elements are the most feasible and beneficial, as well as which may be unnecessary or unsuitable. After this assessment, a program can be custom tailored to the businesses needs. It is recommended that all components be explored in developing a drug-free workplace program. For more information on our Employee Assistance Program, please call.


Corner House employs full-time counseling and administrative positions. The staff are highly qualified and skilled in chemical dependency treatment. Counselors hold Masters or Bachelors level degrees and hold BSRB credentialing to provide alcohol and other drug treatment services. There is also additional support staff such as student interns and Substance Abuse Treatment Aides. The treatment facility is staffed 8:00am to 8:00 pm Monday through Friday. Additionally, clinical staff are on-call 24 hours a day to respond to emergency situations for all clients.

Client Fees

Clients that meet the Federal Poverty Guidelines and the Kansas Client Placement Criteria may be eligible for financial assistance from the State. A minimal client co-payment will also be required. Corner House, Inc. does accept some types of health insurance. Your insurance carrier will be billed for your services. Some insurance policies require a co-payment or assign a member responsibility. You will be notified by your insurance provider and/or Corner House, Inc. of that co-payment and/or member responsibility. If you make an overpayment, Corner House, Inc. will refund money you did not owe when services are completed and all insurance payments are received. Additionally, Corner House, Inc. will adjust your bill should your co-pay be less than originally noted by your insurance carrier. Corner House, Inc. is also an approved provider for SB 123 clients.

Barriers to Treatment

Corner House will work cooperatively with clients to address any barriers to treatment. Such potential barriers to services might include the physical environment, language or other communication, cultural, social, ethnic, and religious factors. Corner House will endeavor to accommodate differences in language and religious preferences.

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